About Us

More than just another fitness brand

Fun Fit Threads was born out of a ‘need to have that shirt’ moment.

It was simple really. I had found the coolest women’s active wear tank top (you know the hilarious one with the rainbow farting unicorn doing the yoga pose). I wanted it in my life! But by the time I converted the price from US Dollars to Australian Dollars and paid for postage, it was going to cost me nearly $60 and I didn’t need it that bad!

Or did I?

It was with this I started to search around for fun, inspirational and interesting women’s activewear in Australia that didn’t cost an arm or a leg.

And so, Fun Fit Threads was born.

My aim is that Fun Fit Threads is an option for reasonably priced and quality shirts allowing you to express your current mood or state of mind. In a world where we are surrounded by thousands of advertisements telling us there’s something wrong with us, I want you to start believing in yourself again. Stand against the negative self-talk we have grown so accustomed to. Picture yourself as perfect, just the way you are, that you are already good enough and that this idea of ‘perfection’ is just media made up bullshit!


A change in mindset

I am a mum of four gorgeous girls including identical twins. When my husband and I found out that twin daughters were on the way we knew that four children was the perfect number for our family. It was with this knowledge I made a promise to myself to get fit and healthy the minute they were born. I lost 28 kilos in thirteen months after the twins and have my change in mindset to thank.

Committing to the challenge and changing my mindset from ‘I want to lose weight’ to ‘I need exercise to stay healthy and mentally fit’, was huge! Losing weight was a bonus but feeling mentally strong and having the stamina to get through my day was what I needed. That is where some my fitness inspiration for Fun Fit Threads comes from.

So, let’s hang out, get motivated, inspired, and just be hilarious together while we smash out a workout, walk or yoga class wearing our Fun Fit Threads.

Soon everyone will be asking you ‘Where did you get your shirt from?!’

Life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously (but for the ever-spiritual person we have options for you too)!